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We all have the God-Trinity within us: God = our mind Jesus = our physical body (God-incarnate)

Holy Spirit = our spirit/soul

It matters not what you call it. If you’re Christian it is God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. If you have no religion it’s mind body and spirit. Again, it matters not what you call it, only that it is.

It also HIGHLY matters that you see these elements within yourself, NOT just beings outside yourself. These are simply terms for WHO WE ARE at our foundational core. We are all part of the same make up, the same energy, created in the same image/likeness of the Universe-God energy.

WHAT WE SEEM TO MISUNDERSTAND ABOUT OURSELVES: If you are having trouble in one area of your life, whether it is wanting your BODY in better shape, or struggling with your MIND’s mental health or feeling hopeless and worthless in your SPIRIT/SOUL, we tend to want to treat that specific area that is already wounded and hurting. If you don’t walk on a broken ankle, you can’t feel happiness in a broken soul.

The SECRET is to start working/enhancing the area that feels the least wounded. When you start working on one area, the others are directly affected because we are not just one of those things, we are connected by all three of those things (mind/body/spirit). When my soul and mental health felt completely hopeless, I started to work on my body. I exercised, I switched to organic foods, and I practiced radical self-care (physical and yet subconscious ways of telling my mind and soul ‘You are worthy, you are loved!’) In a miraculous way, without even knowing it, those other parts of my wounded itself began to heal. It’s a process and it’s long (a lot of “undoing” those misleading/hurtful messages we have grown up learning), so be gentle, be kind.

I always use this as a guide: if I repeated the inner messages I tell myself to another person, would they want to be my friend? If another person wouldn’t, why would my own body-mind-soul want to cooperate with me? Mind-blowing, I know...what is your inner talk? What do you tell yourself about yourself?

Do you abuse yourself by working or staying busy so many hours a week that you are sick, tired, angry, depressed, overweight, stressed, anxious, and feeling unloved, abandoned, isolated, alone. If you made someone else work the way you work yourself, would they want to be your friend? If they are dead tired exhausted, and you force them to keep running, if they were sick, and you force them to keep going, if they were sad and you said “suck it up”, would they like you?

I’m not saying you can’t push yourself if the resistance is from fear...that will give way growth and strength.

However, pushing yourself when the desire to rest comes from a place of NEED is a disservice to the Creator who instilled those NEEDS in you so that you might experience the fullness of humanity.

What do you need today? If you don’t know, HERE IS YOUR SPIRITUAL PRESCRIPTION: Take 5 min of silence - just 5 minutes - to quiet the mind and listen...if an intruding thought comes, acknowledge it is there and just quietly say “not now, thank you”.

When you have finished, do ONE (just 1) good (self-care) thing for YOU today. Repeat tomorrow...and the day after that...

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