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Work With Me!

Thank you so much for your interest in working with me.


It is my passion in life to help others tap into their intuition and spiritual MAGIC to manifest miracles in their lives!  

I’d love to help take your spiritual experience to the next level! 


Crystal Bed Healing Sessions

In Frisco, Texas


$200 (90 min)

One of the main benefits of Crystal Bed Healing is that it gives you a unique transcendental experience - allowing for a spiritual journey inside you.


This process happens with seven Vogel-cut clear quartz crystals. Our body contains natural silica, creating an affinity to quartz. Light refracted through the quartz crystal acts directly on the chakras to help heal and balance them. The specific Vogel-cut crystal is what allows the light to function at the strength of a laser, transmitting a healing vibration to each chakra.


Attending the session with the right intention can be a catalyst to change your life, reach a higher level of consciousness or even find your life path. 

Each **90 minute session** includes:

30 minute Spiritual Consultation

30 minute Crystal Bed Program

30 minute Debrief with Oracle Card Reading

UPGRADE OPTION: add 20 minutes of Reiki after your Crystal Bed Program for an additional $40.



$150 (75 min)

Why is Soul Coaching so important for our lives?

Soul Coaching aims to help you align your inner life (the authentic soul) with your outer life (what is actually occurring in daily life).  Using the principles behind metaphysical energy work and Law of Attraction, we will implement mindful, intentional practices to begin manifesting the life that resonates and aligns with YOUR Soul, defying limiting belief systems and old programming that are creating blocks to living your BEST & most authentic life. 

In addition, Oracle Cards & Readings are an incredible way to connect with the energy of the Universe & your Spirit Guides to help give tangible insight, moving you forward for your Highest Good!  We will work with multiple decks/session.

Each **75 minute session** is conducted VIRTUALLY from the COMFORT OF YOUR HOME!


If you are looking for some direction and to tap into the Universe’s messages for you, give yourself this beautiful, soul-nourishing spiritual gift!!

My All-Inclusive, Divine Transformational Soul Coaching Programs

To determine the best program for you, please book a

Complimentary Chat

(15 min)

Unleash Your Soul:  90 Days to free yourself from the prison of limiting beliefs and religious dogma as you awaken you Spirit, deepen your trust in the Universe, and live a healthy, divinely aligned, purposeful life.


Awaken Your Spirit:  4-Week introductory Journey to connect with the Spirit of the Universe so you can begin tapping into your Inner Guidance System to find Clarity and peace.  

Programs include a combination of weekly 1 on 1 sessions and Bonuses to Supercharge your Spiritual Results!

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